Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pumpkin Eater

On Wednesday some old friends of mine came to visit.

I miss Kenny a lot. He's hilarious, and the kind of person you could hang out with for hours without any need of entertainment. 

He also recently got engaged! 

Six years ago, Kenny started the process of building his own Myers' family house from the Halloween movies. The Myers House NC


  1. You know the coolest people : )
    I love his hat.
    I love her ring.
    I love that they brought a toy.
    Nice people are my favorite kind.

  2. Kasey, thanks for recently leaving a comment on my blog. I've been scrolling through yours a bit. Funny about your friend Kenny's Halloween-inspired house. I remember reading about his home on Fangoria! Speaking of Halloween, it was lovely to attend the Carrie screening at the Hollywood Theatre last weekend with PJ Soles in attendance. She, Nancy Allen, and Piper Laurie ended up sitting right in front of my mom, my boyfriend, and me. We got to chat with PJ for a sec. All in all, a terrific experience.


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